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Fashion Influencing Workplace Design...

We have seen over the years how fashion influences interior design but we take a closer look at how ‘what we wear’ influences workplace design.

We asked Kate Powell Interior Designer and Architectural Visualiser about how she see’s fashion influencing the workplace design Industry and how the clothes we wear have an impact on how we use a space.

Do you think that fashion influences workplace design? If so what trends are you seeing flow down from fashion into office design right now?

Waking up and getting dressed, it seems a small task but

‘whoever you are and wherever you are, there is a reason for the clothes you decide to wear’

What we as #individuals choose to wear to work definitely influences the decisions of how an #office space is #designed… we are seeing more and more people choosing to where casual / comfortable #outfits to the #office as we are becoming more #agile at #work and move around a space more freely as spaces are becoming more #multifunctional to support agile working!

How do you work out what a client wants for their new office?

Any good office fit-out would have gone though a #collaborative in depth concept design process to explore the clients aspirations and various different ways to maximise the square footage of the space whilst looking at the core values, culture and Company style!

This process is really important as it allows the designer to build a scheme that is tailored to the company and the people that work there.

Its a good idea at this stage to take note of what the client is wearing at the #meeting and look to see what the staff are wearing, this is a great way to work out what type of environment they are looking for.

For example, there’s no point in designing a super cool agile #environment with #collaborative working areas and #multifunctional breakout spaces with swings and themed meeting rooms if the clients is wearing a three-piece suit and tie to the meeting and all the staff are in smart #business dress.

Since fashion and workplace design are so closely intertwined, how can someone’s personal style when it comes to their wardrobe inform the way they use a space?

Colours, fabrics, patterns and all things textile are projected onto the surfaces we interact with every day. Our homes and our #workplaces, the coffee shop we choose to work from or have lunch at, its everywhere we go.

Every interior has a unique sense of identity that has been designed to create different experiences. With different sitting styles from poser high benches, sofas, lounge chairs and farmhouse kitchen style tables. Fashion does exactly that, allowing an individual to express their style and individuality, through the use of colours, fabrics and patterns.

We take inspiration from what we love and are able to transfer it into a more permanent part of our day to day work lives, from soft #furnishings within a multifunctional break out area, collaborative meeting and social environments, fashion and interior #design intertwine and are both as equally influential.

We understand that everyone is #unique in the way they dress and it’s important to design spaces that meet their needs, supports #productivity and promotes #collaboration whilst providing choice and control.

But what about those people who are really not into fashion, do the same rules apply?

You may or may not follow #fashion, you could be that person who reads all the fashion #magazines, the person who has all the online shopping apps or the person who only goes #shopping when they really need something... yet it’s something we do subconsciously throughout our lives, day in day out but influences everything we do.

Its part of who we are...

By - Kate Powell

Specialist in workplace furniture and fit-out

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#Specialist in #workplace #furniture and fit-out




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