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Cardiff Property Awards... FINALISTS

WOW... What a whirlwind! We believe in making a difference within the world of interior design. CARGO is the new generation, breaking the mould and paving the way to a more accessible interior design future. We are creatives with a unique perspective, creating a raw and authentic environment for real people in real life and its amazing to be recognised for this.

We aim to create environments that support individual activity-based work settings that focus on people. We believe that a workplace should support a company’s culture to create the optimal environment for innovation, engagement and employee satisfaction. We are dedicated to leading the way in evidence based and responsible workplace design. We pride ourselves on the fact that we deliver interior strategies that we know boost employee mood and morale, levels of productivity and overall well-being, that’s what drives us to deliver every project for the clients we work with. We also aim to educate organisations on the benefit of workplace design by creating multifunctional environments that supports productivity, behaviours and employees with dyslexia.

We have so meany exciting things going on at the moment and the launch of our new brand identity is one that we are especially pleased with.

Our logo concept replicates the interior design symbol for an open door. CARGO opens doors to a more inclusive workplace through the use of evidence-based design. We believe in a more inclusive workplace for people.

1 in 10 people have dyslexia, we aim to bring awareness to this, especially within the workplace. We use pronunciation elements throughout our branding not only to make a statement to the cause but as a practical feature for inclusivity

Carl Gough, Managing Director said:

The last few months have been extremely rewarding! and great fun, I can't begin to put into words how proud I am of our achievements to date... To win an award in our first year would just mean the world to us!




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