Office Furniture.

Office Furniture.

There’s so much more to office furniture than simply desks and chairs.

As office design experts, we’re passionate about the value of quality office furniture and layout when designing your perfect working environment.

Our designers work with the UK’s leading suppliers to offer the most modern and unique workspace furniture solutions for your brand.

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UK Suppliers.

We’ve built fantastic relationships with all the leading commercial furniture manufacturers here in the UK. Not being bound to any particular brand means that we have total flexibility to shop from a vast selection of designers to perfectly fit your project in terms of quality, design and price.


Style and Function.

Great design makes it possible to have both. Our creative designers have in-depth technical knowledge of all workplace furniture, meaning there is never a compromise between style and function.
Whether you are looking for desks, seating, meeting room furniture or agile and collaborative workspaces – we can help.

Flexible, Fun, Inclusive.

There’s so much more to modern office furniture than you might first think. At Cargo, we understand the impact that the correct furniture design can have on your business. 

Modern workplace furniture is dynamic to suit different work styles and inclusive of individual needs. From collaborative break-out areas that spark discussion to independent heads-down spaces for quiet focus.

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Creating zones with clever furnishing and expert design makes a fun and exciting working environment that’s beneficial to productivity, individuality and business growth. 

Wellness, Morale, and Productivity.

Office furniture and office design play a huge role in the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as morale, productivity and staff retention. 

Evidence-based design is the process of creating an environment based on science and research to deliver the best possible results. What our research shows is the responsibility to recognise employees with different needs. 

Our designers use this evidence-based design approach to ensure that your furniture is responsibly chosen to improve the working environment for each fo your employees and in turn the growth and success of your company.

Let’s talk about your office ideas.

We’d love to learn more about your project!

Whether you need furniture to rework your existing space, or as part of a complete office fit-out, our teams would love to help. Get in touch to discuss your ideas today: