Office Design.

Bespoke office design every time.

We are the South Wales based, office design and fit-out company with a national reach. Our approach to every project revolves around listening to your requirements and combining creative office interior design with end-to-end project management, and commercial furniture supply.  Cargo will deliver a stunning new workplace environment that’s truly right for your business. 

The creative design process is usually the part that everyone enjoys the most. We understand that space is a premium and we work closely with our clients to find creative solutions for every environment.

We believe that a workplace should support a company’s culture to create the optimal environment for innovation, engagement and employee satisfaction. We are dedicated to leading the way in evidence based and responsible workplace design. 

We also aim to educate organisations on the benefit of workplace design by creating multi-functional environments that support productivity, behaviours and employees with dyslexia. 

We know that 1 in 10 people in the UK have dyslexia, we aim to bring awareness to this, especially within the workplace. Whether someone has dyslexia or not, as individuals we all have different needs. A person can go from being an extrovert to introvert from one day to the next. We understand that in order to be productive a space needs to offer choice and control to support various activities and changing moods from open collaboration areas to heads down focused zones, allowing people to work in an environment that is most suitable. 

Our team work closely with the client’s leadership teams on each project to gather a broad understanding allowing us to offer a tailored interior strategy that’s focused on the aspirations of the staff.

Workshops are a fun and effective way of doing this.