Why we do what we do.

At CARGO® we are passionate about the future of workplace design.

The Cargo brand was born from the realisation that the ‘modern’ workplace was outdated and unsupportive of the new generation. We realised that there was a responsibility to offer new opportunities to companies that wanted to disrupt the existing persona of the workplace and never before has this been more relevant. We’re a team of experts who are focused on creating stunning interiors and executing high quality office fit-outs in South Wales and the rest of the UK. We pride ourselves on being innovative backed up with good old fashion support and customer service. 

We understand individuality and promote adaptations in the workplace to accommodate their needs. We have an in-depth technical knowledge of the psychology behind interior design that allows us to work closely with our clients and provide a jargon free approach. 

We know that 1 in 10 people in the UK have dyslexia, we aim to raise awareness of this, especially within the workplace. Whether someone has dyslexia or not, as individuals we all have different needs. A person can go from being an extrovert to introvert from one day to the next. We understand that in order to be productive a space needs to offer choice and control to support various activities and changing moods from open collaboration areas to heads down focused zones, allowing people the choice to work in an environment that is most suitable for them.

We create environments that support people and promote productivity in the workplace that allow people to work efficiently. We work closely with a psychologist who specialises in the behaviours of individuals with dyslexia. Through this work we have been able to better understand how we can support employees in a wide range of environments by providing spaces that can be adapted.