Why we do what we do.

About Us.

At CARGO® we’re passionate about the future of workplace design.

The Cargo Interiors brand was born from the realisation that the ‘modern’ workplace was outdated and unsupportive of the new generation. We realised that there was a responsibility to offer new office design solutions to companies that wanted to disrupt the existing persona of ‘the workplace’.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We’re proud to be finalists for the Cardiff Life and Cardiff Property Awards. To be recognised as an award-winning office design company by our peers is something really special – and we’re so humbled.

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Our Team.

As with any great business, Cargo is nothing without the amazing humans at its heart. We also have some four-legged friends that really pull their weight in the team too.

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Our vast team is made up of incredibly talented professionals who all share the same ethos:
We love what we do, and we have fun doing it!

From initial creative design to professional installation, our experts are passionate about creating stunning interiors and executing high-quality office fit-outs.

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We pride ourselves on having a modern approach to innovation and design whilst offering a traditional approach to quality and customer service.

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About Our Mannequin.

The CARGO® Interiors logo represents people and growth.

At first glance, a mannequin might not seem like an obvious choice for an office fit out company. But when you consider that people are at the heart of every business, and office design should be centred around those people and encouraging their growth, it all makes a lot more sense.

Supporting Individuality.

We encourage individuality in our team! We love curious minds, creative thinkers, innovators, mould breakers… 

After all, wouldn’t it be boring if we all thought in the same way?

We understand that everyone is different and promote adaptations in the workplace to accommodate for their needs. We have an in-depth technical knowledge of the psychology behind interior design that allows us to work closely with our clients and provide a jargon-free approach.

What is Evidence-Based Design?

Evidence-based design is the process of creating an environment based on science and research to deliver the best possible results. What our research shows is the responsibility to recognise employees with different needs and create working environments that support them.

“It’s the individuals of a business that are the main source of knowledge and value.”

Carl Gough | Managing Director


We create environments that support individuals to work efficiently and promote productivity in the workplace. We work closely with a psychologist who specialises in the behaviours of individuals with dyslexia and other learning needs. Through this work, we’ve been able to better understand how we can support employees in a wide range of environments by providing adaptable spaces.

Dyslexia Awareness.

An issue close to our hearts, and closer to yours than you might realise! Did you know that 1 in 10 people in the UK have dyslexia? We aim to raise awareness of this fact, especially within the workplace. 

Whether someone has dyslexia or not, as individuals we all have different needs. Part of the founding principles of CARGO was to raise awareness of the value of each individual in a team, and the importance of supporting their specific learning needs to maximise their potential. We work closely with psychologists and use an evidence-based approach to make recommendations tailored to each business. We pair this research with in-depth discovery about your team during our creative workshops to ensure a bespoke solution every time.

We’d love to discuss your project.

chat over coffeeA friendly chat with a member of the Cargo team is a great way to kick-start your project. Email, phone, or over a cup of coffee – we’d love to learn more about you…